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We Offer:

  • On-Site Training (For those who qualify and live close to existing DW training facilities)
  • On-Line Training (For those organization / Virtual with instructor led webinars)

*Coming Soon: On-Line Training (For individuals / Self-paced online courses)


Available Training Packages:

  • 4 week Customer Service and Tech Support Training Course
  • 1 week Basic Digital Literacy Bootcamp
  • CSPI (Customer Service Performance Improvement) Training Course (for organizations looking to improve their staffs’ overall customer service)

Post Graduate Support and Job Placement Assistance (available upon successful completion of the 4 week training program).  We prepare you for remote, WAH (Work-At-Home) jobs that are economic-based and in demand, thus providing new employment opportunities and a larger tax base for the local community.  Local Call Center employment may be available in your area as well.

Training is supported through Connected Nation’s DRIVE Portal (online-learning platform), which also provides ongoing education after graduation.


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